A Modern Look at Websites

A Modern Look at Websites

Getting a new website is always a big step in the right direction. So many questions need answering and sometimes the bigger picture is lost in translation – What do you want the website to do?

Websites can serve many different purposes and are really ‘horse for course’ purpose-built.

Information.  Arguably, this is one of the primary functions any website should offer. Whether it be contact details, a Google Map to your premises or your businesses opening hours. It may also offer a company profile and details on the services or products which are offered. These are basic bits and pieces which form the foundation of a website.

Design. A logo is first and foremost what people will see before anything else. It should be imaginative, eye-catching and a direct representation of what your company offers. AND memorable! The look and feel of the website will naturally follow the colour scheme of your logo, to reinforce your brand and image. Images and pictures are next on the list. High quality is the order of the day here, a low resolution image is not going to display well on a website and will certainly not enhance your overall website appearance. Stock images work well for the home page because of the clarity and their generic nature. As a rule of thumb, if you have a gallery on your website, they need to be of your own completed work or of the products which you sell.

eCommerce. More and more purchases are being made online nowadays so if your business sells something, why not introduce an eCommerce system into your website? Web-Smiths specializes in the development of eCommerce Online Shopping Cart websites. We generally use PayFast as the payment portal because Paypal doesn’t support ZAR as a currency. Payfast offers multiple payment options such as Credit & Debit Cards as well as InstantEFT.

A website needs to perform a function for your business, it is just so important to have a very good idea of what you want the site to do. 99% of people will say that they want a website to get more customers.

Online Marketing. The internet, which is not so new any more for the record, has a plethora of marketing avenues to explore. You can pay for great exposure with Google AdWords. You can optimize your site by updating it regularly and inserting keywords with Search Engine Optimization. You can list yourself on free internet directories such as Gumtree. You can send bulk bulk marketing emails. You can display your website & email address on your building, vehicles and corporate branding. So, at the sake of repetition, you can do a lot to promote your website and increase your web traffic to drive sales!

Mobile Responsive. And last but not least, your website HAS to be mobile responsive! Why? Everyone today searches the internet on the smart phones. No one wants to be scrolling left and right, zooming in here and there just to find your phone number… modern websites have mobile responsive properties which enable them to be viewed perfectly on every size screen, from desktops (with big) screens to smart phones (with smaller ones). Which presents your company in a modern way and first impressions last, so why not make that first impression a good one with a modern website because that is where your customers are most likely to find you first, on the internet!

You can contact Web-Smiths for more information and pricing for a mobile responsive or eCommerce website – it’s what they do.