Android & iOS App Development

Android & iOS App Development

Web-Smiths has entered the Android & iOS App Development market for good reason.

Apps for both smartphones and tablets are a perfect way to compliment your marketing strategy. Why? There is an almost 100% probability that your customers and potential customers are carrying a smartphone in their pockets right now.

They either use an Android or iPhone, both are catered for in our app development programming. On completion of the app, it can be published to both Google Play for Android and to the App Store for iOS (Apple) devices.

Apps are not websites and usually have scaled down functionality. Essential functionality which can be used to give what your customers are looking for. Contact details, easy communication facilities such as live chat, product specs or to subscribe to new product launches – to name a few.

eCommerce can also be integrated into an app to sell your wares quickly and efficiently. Especially for repeat customers who place regular orders with you, an app which is permanently installed on their smartphones offers easy access to your business!

Apps are also cool. Your logo as an app icon on a smartphone will constantly remind your customers that you are open for business. Imagine someone saying, “Hey, I downloaded the XYX company app, check it out!” to their friends or family. Talk about word of mouth advertising!

There are many reasons to get an app for your business… too many to name here but the reality is that we use apps on out phones everyday so why not get your company app up and running as an added marketing extra with huge benefits.

Contact Web-Smiths for your app today and get live and easily downloaded on all the major app stores!